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General Queries

CSS is Central Superior Services which is examination for selection of Civil Servants on federal level in Pakistan while PMS is Provincial Management Services and its name is self-explanatory. It deals with secretarial and managerial services of provinces.
Minimum age limit for both CSS and PMS is 22 years and maximum is 28 years (with exception to certain sections which may avail age relaxation) {people from AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Scheduled castes etc } which is 30 years.
Bachelor degree with second division is minimum requirement for both examinations.
In our opinion anyone with dedication and commitment can do CSS/PMS. All you need is sound English along with good knowledge base and ability to express your views critically and analytically. We understand that after simple graduation such abilities lie in deep slumbers of human consciousness and need excavation. For this reason we try our best to exploit these abilities of all our students and to enable them for this prestigious examination leading towards a bright future.
You have to submit registration fee to have your place in upcoming session(which later on is to be merged into your monthly fee or refunded if you don't want to continue classes). You can submit these dues either through easypaisa/mobicash or through bank account.

Specific FAQs

You are the only and best judge of your abilities and educational background. So we recommend you to choose your subjects as per your own will and wish. Still in CSS/PMS there is a phenomenon known as “marks gaining subjects” and we don’t support this. While choosing your subjects you are supposed to keep these points in your mind. i) Choose subjects which match your previous educational background only if you are very well versed and exceptional in those subjects. If not, then go with the flow and choose what majority recommends you as marks gaining subjects (which mostly are arts subjects). ii) Secondly do keep in mind that you have to choose subjects keeping in mind Syllabus of subject, their past papers and paper patterns and their marks in pervious examination. iii) Remember that marks gaining trend matters very less and examiner’s views keep changing about certain subjects each year. A marks gaining subject this year may not be that much marks giving in next year.
In our opinion academies are wastage of time and money. They are more concerned with money and their advertisement than your future and time. So always spend your income and precious time after well considerations and attending demonstrative classes. I have been teaching in academies and what I have concluded is that they don’t care whether you pass or fail. They care only about their ranking. Students pass through CSS with their own abilities and struggle but academies put their photos and banners for their own advertisements. Remember every CSP cannot be a good teacher and every good teacher cannot be an expert on competitive examinations. So if any academy is having multiple CSPs teaching there, that is no authority of their effectiveness in studies. What we recommend for CSS is a person exceptional in teaching abilities and the one who has qualified CSS at the same time. You are advised to avail individual coaching in which a teacher may give you time separately and check your mettle with utmost interest and care. Such teachers are to be found and followed on your own.
This question is one of the common questions for CSS aspirants and we have a logical answer to it. You have to follow following steps to buy books after you are done finalizing your subjects. i. Take a print out of whole syllabus(or buy syllabus book which is easily available in market) ii. Go to some good book store (not some local one like ilmi/dogar/jahangir) like Readings in Lahore Gulberg and Variety in Lahore Liberty market. iii. There are always sections made in good book stores, do visit them as per your choice of subjects, go through multiple books for one subject and buy some book which covers maximum syllabus content of that specific subject. iv. You may or may not buy more than one books for one subject. Remember that any book that majority of aspirants are reading will not lead you towars ultimate success. Your opinions, analytical approach and critical analysis of different aspects of a question asked shall lead you to heights of success. So ordinary books by Jahangir times, ilmi publishers and dogar sons are not recommended at all. Buy books by international authors which may enhance your abilities and knowledge base. Out point in referring you to such book store is that you may make a difference in answering your questions in CSS examination and uniqueness is all that one needs to accumulate maximum marks. Unique and analytical answers are always appreciated by paper checkers.
Normally we don’t answer questions whose answers may differ person to person. But in this question generally if you have one spare year coupled with dedicated study (no other activity job/household etc to do) you can prepare well for CSS. On question like how many hours daily one must study, 9-12 hours is our answer depending upon your interest and perception level.
Subject selection doesn’t directly affect your allocation but indirectly through interview it does influence the interviewing panel to consider your interests and allocate you accordingly.
Generally a book which clears basics of your subjects and covers all contents of the syllabus is enough for preparation. But as per our recommendations if you read international authors, you may have to consult more than one book.
Only way to read newspaper is just to read it. It helps you in 3 ways. 1- You learn new words (start learning 1/2/3/4 words a day by writing them down in a diary and then practicing them in your daily writings.) 2- You learn facts and figures and you are advised to keep writing them in different folders like education/health/national issues/international issues. This will keep you up to date for objectives and will enhance your information as well. 3- Third and most important thing is virtual learning. By virtual learning i mean you keep learning sentence structure, usage of proverbs, utilization of your knowledge in best possible expression and finally mature way of expressing your ideas. It doesn’t happen in days or weeks but takes months and it happens in sub conscious. That is why I called it virtual learning. Your brain keeps copying that writing and expression style and when you start writing things down, it delivers chunks of that copied material. (Little bit in start and keeps increasing)
Start reading in English, anything (Newspapers, stories, comics, text books) anything at all, that keeps you immersed in English. New words will gradually sink into your subconscious mind and become familiar. Keep a notebook, Note down the new words you learned today and revise them periodically. Make a target and a schedule to learn a certain number of new words every day. You are the better person to decide the number, we are not. Do not deviate from the schedule at any cost.

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