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Our Story

“We have been through the journey that you are going through right now. Problems that everyone faces to go out of home, to bear food and residence expenses along with tuition fee is hell of a duty for you and your parents. So we came up with this idea of ONLINE LEARNING, give it a try, attend our demo classes and you will not regret it”

Ghias Hashmi, Founder & Teacher

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team bent towards dissemination of knowledge that God bestowed us with. We have struggled through ups and downs of CSS/PMS and we know what kind of problems do all the aspirants face. Our only duty and responsibility is to equip you with demands of CSS' examiner, the tips and tricks that help cracking nut of competitive examination and enabling you deal with expression of knowledge that almost all of you have in your minds but feel difficulty to express in a reasonable way.

What We Do

We deliver lectures and offer assessment online. Skype and Email is the medium we use for lectures and assessment respectively. Your weekly tasks are assessed and we have one special day for that purpose.

Our assessment is always individual and live. Your tasks are read and evaluated while talking with you.

Meet Our Team

We are flourishing 🙂

Join Our Team

Asma Shaheen

Psychology Teacher (Gold Medalist)

Bushra Fatima

CSS 2015 Qualified, Teacher

Maryam Khan

CSP, Teacher

Ghias Hashmi

Founder and teacher

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In order to secure my place in upcoming group, I understand to submit a registration fee (Rs 2000/- refundable if you decide not to continue after FREE demo classes). Without registration fee, my registration will not be considered serious.