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This is Ghias Hashmi.

Admin and instructor for this online program. I am a dentist by profession, a teacher by heart and an M.Phil. Student of International Relations. I did pass the written examination of CSS 2 times and qualified it fully once in 2014 with merit no 107 in Punjab. I have 4 years’ experience of teaching various subjects for competitive examinations Central Superior Services (CSS) & Provincial Management Services (PMS)

My primary goal as a teacher is to stretch my students: to challenge them with high standards, tempt them with fascinating material, and support them as they reach out. These many years of experience have helped me develop a set of beliefs about how can I best help students learn and grow.

First I believe that I must know almost all strengths and weaknesses of my students so that I may work to exploit their strengths to elevate their critical and analytical abilities and cover their weaknesses with my expertise and their struggle. I do struggle to Increase students’ knowledge base. Assist them in becoming critical consumers of information. Hone their communication skills in written and oral modes by forcing repeated practice and offering feedback.

Secondly I believe in individually supervising every student and their written work and for this purpose I try to keep my batches of online groups as short as possible. Normally I don’t take more than 6-8 students in one batch. My evaluation process is live too; I check word to word of the tasks that I ask my students to do. This way I am morally and ethically satisfied that I am not wasting their time and money.

Lastly when I cracked the nutshell of Civil Services Examination in 2014, I had in my mind that whatever knowledge God had bestowed me with was not supposed to stay and get rusted in my brain rather it was meant to be transferred to as many minds as possible throughout my life.

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Why choose PACE?

Some of the things that differentiate us from typical academies

Express what you learn

our mere focus is not upon telling you learning techniques but we focus upon your inner abilities to use the knowledge, that has been inculcated inside your subconscious, in an effective way through different means.

Self Learning

Apart from lectures, current affairs knowledge is discussed in groups, general questions are answered, articles from international newspapers and magazines are provided on daily basis to keep students' knowledge base enriched.

Individual Attention

We analyze and understand weak areas of students individually and give them time separately for their guidance and well being in examination.

Regular Online Assessment

Our assessment mechanism is very unique and different. We do it live in the class. Tasks and assessed and commented upon in the class making it one of its own kind where no student is made to feel alienated.

General Guidelines

Our students are encouraged to ask question regarding subjects which we do not teach. Yes we do provide as much guidance as possible through as many ways as possible. General questions, paper attempting techniques and DOs and DONTs of different subjects.

Fee Concessions

We are not finance oriented people and know economic conditions of students. We offer free classes for all subjects to 1 student in each group and offer fee concession to students who really deserve it.

What Students Say

How our CSP students & current aspirants evaluate our services.

mubbashar riazHabibaSehar Un NisaKhadeeja RanaMisbah Noreen

Mubbashar Riaz

CSS Aspirant and Blogger
Thousands of students appear in CSS every year and the statistics of past 4-5 years reveal more than 97% of the aspirants flunk to get even through written part. Consultation and guidance of senior aspirants, teachers and CSPs is what you can create difference with in your exams. Sir Ghias Hashmi is one of the most talented aspirants who made his way through written and in interviews as well. He is one of the very few down-to-earth, humble and affectionate personalities I have met in my life. The way he guides, teaches and proffers tremendous coaching is worth admiring. Not only does he prepare you for challenge handling but imparts immense guidance on how you can become a successful person in life. He is indeed an amazing mentor when it comes to competitive exams. The initiative he took by launching PACE is really a remarkable move to provide aspirants with counseling as hardly is there any institution that imparts distant education, particularly for CSS. The success of the many students Sir Ghias coached is the testimony of his great teaching practices. Best wishes for Sir Ghias and PACE. Mubbashar Riaz

Habiba Sarfaraz

Habiba Sarfaraz
"For all those who are baffled regarding the preparation of css, PACE is the one-stop solution for them. Sir Ghias is one of the most courteous and helpful mentor one can have. He is always available for assistance and his down to earth nature makes it more easy to approach him for guidance. The lectures he gives are always unique and different to what books provide. He evaluates the tasks vigilantly and guides how can one improve one's work over the time.Above all he is the ultimate source of motivation for his students. One can surely trust PACE for a quality guidance."

Sehar Un Nisa

Aspirant CSS 2017
PACE is a platform, i must say a blessing for me and all other aspirants studying here for CSS preparation. Every mentor i found here is just amazing Maa sha Allah!. Especially, the dedication, sincerity and hardwork of Sir Ghias and Miss Maryam is beyond words. I'll recommend PACE to other aspirants as well because the fee is quite affordable and you will surely learn a lot here, despite wasting time and money on other money making academies. Thank you the entire team of PACE for providing us such a valuable program. May Allah pak bless you all Ameen! Sehar Un Nisa Aspirant 2017

Khadeeja Rana

CSS-2018 Aspirant
"I have only recently joined PACE, but I would say that it has been the best decision I have made regarding my CSS exam preparation. Sir Ghias is a dedicated and competent teacher. His friendly style and easy to understand method is what draws students to PACE. He is very accommodating and helpful. I look forward to many more courses with PACE. If you have conveyance issues or cannot travel, then PACE is the place for you. Also, the fees is quite affordable, even students can afford it. I wish all the candidates best of luck on this journey with PACE."
Khadeeja Rana
CSS 2018 Aspirant

Misbah Noreen

It is my first ever experience to attend online classes. I always had doubts about it thinking it could never be a substitute for real classroom activity. But I must admit all my fears were allayed on very first day. Didn't find it any different from a real classroom environment, and sometimes even better. Sir Ghias Hashmi's teaching style is so natural ,so convincing that I feel myself privileged being his student. Last but not the least he owns an outstanding/exalted voice; voice together with style makes the best combo that a teacher can have. In the end I would like to recommend to those who want proper coaching, must take guidance from him.

Faryal Habibullah Mangrio

PAAS 44th Common
"I am indebted to sir Ghias whose sincere guidance and unique way of teaching helped me achieve my goal. He was a constant source of motivation for me during my preparation. My success is the result of his thorough evaluation and hard work. Therefore, I would like to recommend css aspirants to avail the online guidance at PACE ."

Zoya Mansoor

Aspirant CSS-2017
Now a days CSS is not only a competition exam but also has  become a business. Many well-known academies are serving the students but in actual they are playing with students' future. My experience with academies was not up to the mark and satisfactory. Then I came to know about Sir Ghias Ismat Hashmi's online classes via Facebook Group. He first offered demonstration classes to satisfy the students and to tell about his teaching style and methodologies. I  must say a cooperative teacher who paved the way to make effective collaboration with us. Spoon  feeding is not part of his teaching ways despite of he engages student's interest in particular subject and provide opportunities to develop inner skills. He has full grasp over all compulsory subjects .He delivered all knowledge he has. The best thing is that he never repeats the bookish material as always makes it different in lecture. A well prepared lecturer, I must say that.Daily assessment and critical evaluation is the best part of his teaching. Individual importance to each student and answering the queries in a friendly way. He maintains a impressive class atmosphere to engage every student.True mentor is he who develops critical thinking. As after taking guidance from Sir Ghias i am quite hopeful to make a difference in CSS exams.

Ali Mardan Talpur

Aspirant CSS-2017
"Sir Ghias Hashmi initiated this program for our group 1 month ago at PACE and I feel fortunate enough that I managed to get admission in his online classes. Like every aspirant I was confused and seeking help to get right and proper guidance and eventually I found a right person i.e., Sir Ghias. He does nothing but paves a way/path for your preparation. His way of teaching, helping and kind behavior makes every student to learn maximum from him. One thins which distinguishes him from others is right and precise assessment of students’ work, He is really good at it without any exaggeration. He is Academy in himself, a guide; he suggests books and authentic sources of required material. He provides required material in softcopy and last but not the least he will not leave or neglect you until CSS examination commencement. With that connection I want to mention here Sir Isaac Newton’s saying “If I have seen further, it is by standing on shoulders of giants”. Likewise our progress gets improvement when we seek right guidance from right people."

Raima Ali

Aspirant CSS-2017
"It has been just two weeks, I’m taking online CSS classes from Ghias Hashmi sb at PACE. If I were at zero level in start, it would be no wrong to say he has infused hope in me for successful preparation in time through my working while following him. Worthy to mention, elderly English professors never return evaluated essays to their students, not letting pupils be creative in true sense. This young man’s ready service to assess n evaluate our writing is applaud-able. I find him available 24/7. Not only does he teach syllabus contents with a solid grip of subject, but also gives students technical approach to cope with common difficulties faced in time management and questions solving. I bear God presence while claiming, I recommend you guys, he is a Must CSS mentor. No exaggeration indeed."

Arooj Shabbir

Aspirant CSS-2017
"Distance learning never satisfies needs of students up to the mark. There are many online classes working which offer alluring promises to the students of CSS to pass exams with flying colors. I came to know about Sir Ghias Ismat Hashmi's online classes via his Facebook Group. Unlike others he didn't exploit the students and waste their time by just repeating the known facts and by passing basics and partial knowledge to the students. He gave us free demonstration classes and made us familiar with his teaching style and methodologies. He paved the way to make the effective collaboration with us and taught us in natural and intuitive way. He used to share useful links regarding topics and worth reading articles to enhance our thinking approach. Daily assignments and critical evaluation of each student is the part of regular class. He always gives individual concentration to everyone; Does not only deal with helm of mentor-ship but justifies the queries in a friendly way. He doesn’t believe in teaching in casual way but to reshape the minds and abilities of students to analyze the knowledge on their own. Don't believe on us? Try yourself and you'll get to know 🙂 "

Maryam Khan

POSTG 44th Common
I am writing this as a personal reference for Ghias Ismat Hashmi and his Online teaching system PACE. Throughout the journey of CSS he was my mentor and guide. I have been writing his attributes that he gladly and sincerely dedicates to his students. Over and above his credentials he is the honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious and courteous. I trust and hope that the information provided will be of assistance and will be happy to provide further information if anyone requires it. I can be contacted through my Facebook.

Asma Wagan

PAAS 44th Common
" I would acclaim my achievement to the person who mentored me during my career. A self-effacing man, who runs his life for the sake of societies. He leaves no stone unturned to upright the proficiencies of the young generation. A person with sincerity at heart one can believe in. I consecrate my success to Sir Ghias Hashmi, a gentleman and his institution PACE."

Naila Yousaf

Aspirant CSS-2017
“ I attended demo classes for CSS by Sir Ghias Hashmi , his charismatic methodology allured me to start a journey with "PACE" with the dream of success in Competitive Examination. I would like to call him a guide and a leader more than a mentor. This platform gives you tendency to make your dreams come true. In a nutshell I would like to suggest this institute and its founding father for your desired targets and success in civil services ”

Romana Haider

Aspirant CSS 2017
“I was willing to do CSS but was too worried and confused about proper guideline. There are many academies in my city but through my experience I learned that academies are just wastage of time and money so I was in search of some individual help. Then I came to know about Sir M. Ghias Asmat Hashmi's online classes at PACE. He is very devoted and sincere with his profession a very hardworking teacher who always is present to help his students; and his method of teaching is so attractive and simple that even an average person can understand it. Thank you so much sir for providing us such a great guideline at home.”

Zain Khoso

Aspirant CSS 2017
“Sir Ghias Ismat hashmi is a good teacher, mentor and a career counselor. With his guidance i feel ease in understanding most difficult things. And efforts of sir for his students are extravagant to prepare them for CSS exam. I advise all aspirant to please attend online classes of Sir Ghias Hashmi once and you will feel comfortable; especially I recommend those students who can't travel out of their home town for certain financial or other constraints. Now through PACE you can achieve your destination and a refulgent future.”

Annie Khan

Aspirant CSS-2017
“I was a bit apprehensive when I first decided to take online classes at PACE, but I couldn't have made a better choice. Now I feel that I am so lucky to be a student of Sir Ghias Ismat Hashmi, and not at any other academy. The online classes offered me the opportunity to get such effective and to the point guidance at my home. The things I admire the most are his sincere evaluation and captivating style of teaching. I found him really supportive and honest in his efforts. All in all, it was the best choice I made. Join him without any hesitation, I recommend it to all aspirants, who are striving for quality guidance.”

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